Artifact and Analysis

Document 1
Television Advertisement for Barbie, c. 1960

This is the year of the Barbie Look and the Barbie Look is the fashion look. That's right. Correct. The swinginest, liveliest, zinginest fashions of the Barbie Look. Come feast your eyes on Barbie and Midge and look at the Barbie Look. The hairdo's the big news. The fashions are smashin'. For night or day; for school or play, the look is the Barbie Look. Look what's happened to Ken and Allen, his friend with the new bendable legs. They're really the end. So like Midge and Barbie, they're better by far because they all have the look. The fashion look. The great new Barbie Look. There's one, and two, and three, and four, and that's only the beginning, there's a whole lot more. So get on down to see the Barbie Look in the fashions and the dolls as well. You're going to love 'em, because after all, you can tell they're Mattel. They're swell.

From Cy Schneider, Children's Television: The Art, The Business, How It Works, Lincolnwood, IL: NTC Business Books, 1987, p. 27.