This beautiful treasury unites compelling narratives--stories and histories--with archival photographs and a rich selection of objects chosen by the authors from the collection of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, one of the country's foremost sources of Native American history, art, and material culture. Pottery, baskets, textiles, beadwork, and other items highlight the beauty of Native artistic expression while representing spiritual qualities that transcend the purely aesthetic dimension.

In this unique volume, Native Americans representing six diverse cultures--Northern Plains, Tuscarora, Cherokee, Makah, Quechua, and Western Apache personal accounts of their origins, the effects of European-American settlement on their communities, and their commitment to preserving cultural values for future generations.

This book reflects the National Museum of the American Indian's mandate to present Native life and culture through the voices of Native people. The stories here touch upon personal and cultural memories, offer a sense of continuity with the past, and provide affirmation of the vitality of contemporary art and culture in Native life.

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