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Ideas for Carbons to Computers

  Students can research the history of an office or a company that makes office furniture or supplies in their local community.

Students can interview office employees about their experiences working in an office over time: how has the workplace changed, does the nature of their job now appeal to a different segment of the workforce than before, has the status of the job changed over time? This project would be especially effective if the interviewees are older.

Review the historical timeline and pick an item in the Corporate Milestone section that was developed before WWII and is still in use today. Research the history of this item and decide why it is still popular? Compare it with items that are no longer in fashion.

The technology for fax machines existed in the last century. Why did it take until the 1970s before faxes became standard office equipment? (See history of typewriter section for an example of an item that was invented long before it came into popular use).


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