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Handwoven Textiles, Tierra Wools, Inc.
Handwoven Textiles, Jose Isabel Quiroz Garcia
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Textile Tierra Wools, a hand-spinning and weaving enterprise, is located in Los Ojos, New Mexico, in the Tierra Amarilla area, where Reies López Tijerina led a land rights movement in the 1970s.
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The Rio Grande
Handwoven Textiles, Tierra Wools, Inc.
Founded in 1983 on a philosophy of local control of land and production resources, Tierra Wools produces a variety of hand-woven textiles that are sold primarily through their showroom. It has revived the region’s weaving traditions, rescued the almost extinct churro sheep, and provided jobs to local residents.

Technology of Dyeing Wool for Handwoven Textile Production

What is the process for getting solid and variegated colors?

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How has technology influenced the dyeing process?

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How has Tierra Wools, Inc. combined science with traditional ways?

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