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Airplanes and Airports
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The lessons in this issue provide insight on how airplanes and airports profoundly affect our lives by encouraging a class visit to a local airport. Includes thoughtful steps for planning the trip and brief histories of airplanes and airports based on Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum information and exhibits.

Students learn about the forces of flight and the history of aviation. One lesson asks students to create a paper glider in order to illustrate the forces of flight. Another gives students the pieces to create a model of an early airplane. Includes the story of the historic flight of Charles Lindbergh, the Spirit of St. Louis and how the Smithsonian acquired his plane.

Note: This is an archival publication dating back to 1982 and any supplements or suggestions for off-site education may not be available.

Download "Art to Zoo: Airplanes and Airports: How to Take Off Without Ever Leaving the Ground" (PDF).

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Airplanes and Airports

Art to Zoo is produced by the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies. Teachers may duplicate the materials for educational purposes.

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