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How Paleontologists Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life
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The lessons in this issue introduce students to the science of paleontology. Included is an essay on the work of John Horner, a practicing paleontologist who has make discoveries on how dinosaurs nurtured their young. Other sections focus on fossil formulation and how paleontologists find, stabilize, and transport fossils from the field to the laboratory.

In the lessons, students think about the fossil record the way paleontologists do. Supplementary pages contain activities in which students “become” paleontologists and create miniature model fossil finds.

Note: This is an archival publication dating back to 1992 and any supplements or suggestions for off-site education may not be available.

Download "Art to Zoo: Digging Up Dirt: How Paleontologists Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life" (PDF).

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How Paleontologists Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life

Art to Zoo is produced by the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies. Teachers may duplicate the materials for educational purposes.

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