Migration of Beadmaking and Beadwork Throughout Africa

Beadwork is one of the most compelling art traditions in Africa. Artists must carefully consider the materials, colors, textures, shapes, and sizes of the beads to choose those that compliment or contrast with one another. A single-colored or multi-colored bead of fine workmanship may have as great a visual impact as many beads strung together or embroidered on a cloth.

This archival exhibition explores the creativity African artists demonstrate in their beadwork. It focuses on how African peoples incorporate beaded dress and regalia in their lives and on how peoples from different regions wear or carry beaded objects to define themselves within their societies.

-Read about the history of beadmaking and beadwork, trade, and beadworking techniques
-Learn about beadmaking and beadwork among particular African peoples
-Discover the importance of beads and personal adornment in African societies
-Read about African beadwork today
-View the Beaded Splendor Image Gallery
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