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Step Inside a Supernova

Step Inside a Supernova

This interactive experience features research by a team of scientists led by astronomer Kimberly Arcand. Whether you’re a budding astrophysicist, tech enthusiast, or teacher looking for cool science content, we’ve got you covered.

Interact with the content


Navigate the fiery aftermath of a supernova in the “Journey through an Exploded Star” interactive simulation.

Adventure through the full spectrum of radiant energy as it blossoms out in 360° in this never-before-seen 3D view of a supernova remnant. Built with real scientific data, this interactive allows the user to visualize the electromagnetic spectrum.

Closed captioned, works across modern desktop browsers, and requires no software downloads.

Take a narrated video tour


Behold the violent explosion of the massive Cassiopeia A star in this mobile narrated 360° video.

Take a fully immersive tour with an astronomer as she explains the data collected from across the electromagnetic spectrum and captured by multiple telescopes. She’ll explain how and why scientists study the entire spectrum: to gain a comprehensive picture of these cosmic explosions.

Works on desktop, mobile, and Google Cardboard devices.

A classroom activity


Discover the invisible forces of the cosmos in this high school classroom activity.

Engage students with this multimedia instructional package that begins with the fundamentals of the electromagnetic spectrum and illustrates the production of elements from the explosions of stars. Includes the “Interact” and “Watch” activities, a lesson plan, an astrophotograph creation activity using real telescopes, and a coding exercise co-developed by Google and Hour of Code.

Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (HS-ESS1-3 and HS-PS4).

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