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Establishing Borders:
The Expansion of the United States, 1846-48

Important Terms in this Unit

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Treaty of Paris (1783)
The treaty between the United States and Britain that ended the American Revolutionary War.

Louisiana Purchase (1803)
The purchase by the United States of more than one million square miles of French territory in North America.

Manifest Destiny
The belief that Providence preordained the United States to occupy as much land on the continent as possible.

Adams-Onis (Transcontinental) Treaty (1819)
An agreement between the United States and Spain that settled all outstanding boundary issues between the two nations.

Mexican War of Independence (1821)
The successful struggle for Mexican independence from Spain.

Texan Revolt (1835­36)
The successful struggle for Texas independence from Mexico.

Sam Houston
A leader of the Texan Revolt.

General Antonio López de Santa Anna
Mexican leader during the Texan Revolt and the Mexican-American War.

Oregon Trail
An important nineteenth century overland route from Missouri to the Oregon Country.

James K. Polk
President of the United States from 1845­49.

Oregon Treaty (1846)
An agreement between the United States and Britain that settled the Oregon boundary at 49°N latitude.

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)
The treaty between United States and Mexico that brought an end to the Mexican American War.


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