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IdeaLab: Walking on the Moon

Below, you can find the questions presented in the IdeaLab, Walking on the Moon. Alongside, the Smithsonian has posted some responses by students like you. If you would like to send your answers to the Smithsonian for posting, try out the "Try This! A Mission for You" features found within the experience.

Make a list of the three best things and the three worst things about being alone in the Command Module "Columbia" while your fellow astronauts are exploring the moon.

Three Best:

I get to see the Moon in person.

I get to fly in a rocket ship.

Walking on the Moon.

Joshua, 6, Maryland


Peace time.

More room.

Fun time.

Alex, 13, Illinois


No noise.

Get to see outer space.

Land on the Moon.

Angie, 17, Texas


You could see cool “shooting stars.”

Seeing the Moon up close.

Seeing Earth from space.

Hannah, 9, USA


First female to be alone in a spacecraft.

The feeling of being in space.

Sense of accomplishment.

Nicole, 17, Ohio


Amazing views.

Importance of historic job.


Andy, 42, Wisconsin

Three Worst:

I would miss my family.

I would miss planet Earth.

I would miss my animals.

Joshua, 8, Maryland


Almost abort mission.

The max height is 5’11”.

They only eat freeze-dried food.

Keydren, 13, Washington, D.C.




Nobody to talk to.

Alex, 13, Illinois


No video games.

No space.

Can’t live up there.

Angie, 17, Texas




I’d be afraid to fall out the spacecraft!

Hannah, 9, USA


Being alone, if something goes wrong.

The only one in charge of what is taking them home.

No backup if something goes wrong.

Nicole, 17, Ohio



Fear of malfunctioning equipment.

Fear of colleagues finding trouble/not returning.

Andy, 42, Wisconsin

Imagine eating your favorite food on board a weightless spacecraft. How would you do it? Choose a meal and write a step-by-step process for eating it in space!

Spaghetti and meatballs.

Mechelle, 13, Washington, D.C.


Mashed potato. 1. Freezed mashed potato. 2. Put into bag and sealed. 3. Launched and ready to go. 4. Squared into your mouth.

Eric, 7, Australia


 Eat it by hand.

Seb, 13, Ethiopia


I like fruit. I would dry it, and then put it in a bag with a hole in the top. And I would eat it that way.

Lucy, 8


Pizza. Normal, because I wouldn’t want to look stupid.

Johnnie, 12, Ohio


My meal would be fried baloney sandwich, Alfredo with lemon, anchovy-covered tomato sauce.

Emily, 9, Canada


I would float around with the food like a dinosaur eating with its mouth.

Annie, 8, Australia


My meal would be a cheeseburger and I would eat it by hand.

Chris, 11, Florida


A bowl of Rice Krispies. Eat it whilst it floats about.

Eva, 9, Ireland


I would bring a mini-refrigerator and a bunch of wires to hold it down.

Lil BB, 10, Georgia


My meal would be a freeze-dried burrito with beans, cheese, and sour cream. I would also have freeze-dried strawberries with ice cream and water. I would eat my sandwich by biting it and then sucking on it until it dissolved.

Catherine, 11, New York


I want to make a pizza in space. I would put all of the ingredients in a plastic bag and take them to the Moon. I'd make the dough in the spacecraft and then take the dough to the Moon. I would squeeze all the ingredients out into the middle of the dough, then fold up the pizza quick so the good stuff won't float away.

Hanna, 9, USA


Pizza out of the box.

Alyssa, 12, New Jersey


Freeze-dried lobster thermidor with french fries and some ketchup.

Lisa, Canada


Tacos. I would find some taco shells, some lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, hamburger, and a frying pan, and make it and eat it upside down! 

Kayla, 11, Canada


My meal is pizza. First I would chase pepperoni and cheese around the spacecraft. Next I would find some floating tomatoes and would squish them. Last I would put all toppings on bread, and I have my pizza!

Andy, 10, Canada

Look at this photo of an astronaut on the moon, and write about what you see - and what it means to you.

You should put the first kid in space!

Mechelle, 13, Washington, D.C.


I would love to be an astronaut one day. I am inspired by Neil Armstrong. If I become an astronaut I want to be paid good money and to have a big house at least two kids and a husband.

Mz.Cash, 13, Washington, D.C.


I could travel the whole universe. I could take home some moon dust. I would discover life on other planets and launch a hundred satellites.

Danny, 10, Arizona


A man. A shadow.

Mighty Midget, 13, Kansas


Hi, I am a big fan of you guys. How was your expedition to the Moon? I like your crew. Thank you for being the first ones on the Moon. Sincerely, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, 8, Iowa


The moon looks white. The moon has many rocks. The sky is darker. The astronaut is on the Moon. The Moon looks rough.

A. J., 19, Pennsylvania


This photo represents man’s first landing on the Moon. The terrain and environment on the Moon has a lot of holes called craters, and it's very rough and rocky. There is a man on the Moon called an astronaut. Without the astronaut’s suit he would die because there is no air on the Moon. The moon is white and gray and sometimes yellow. The sky is always black on the Moon.

Nicholas, 19, Pennsylvania


It looks like the Moon has a little too many bumps on the ground. There is an astronaut on the Moon in a specially made suit so he can go up in space and still be able to live. The sky is dark up on the Moon.

Brittney, 18, Pennsylvania


 The Moon looks really bumpy and rough. There’s an astronaut standing on the moon. The sky in the background is black. The moon in the picture is white. The astronaut is in a white astronaut suit.

Garrick, 19, Pennsylvania


The man walking on the Moon is searching for life. The Moon is a grayish color. The surface has craters.

Chris, 20, Pennsylvania


There are sinkholes in the ground of the Moon. There’s a guy in the spacesuit. He’s got air in the spacesuit. The moon is gray. The spacesuit is white with a black and white helmet.

Fred, 16, Pennsylvania


I see the reflection of the Eagle in the cover of his helmet.

Autumn, 12, Iowa


I like this pic. It is very interesting. I always loved things about space. I really love the planet and the Moon and the stars.

Bubbles, 14, Illinois


All right, we did it! First girl on the Moon!

Andrea, 9, Texas


What is the bright spot in the picture in the top left corner? What is it like to walk on the Moon?

Brianna, 9, Florida


Write a short story about the Apollo 11 mission:

We just landed on the Moon. Neil and Aldrin stepping out of the command module. A few hours later we took off from the Moon and plunged into the ocean. We all stepped out of the spaceship smiling, because we knew we did something no one else had ever done before and maybe will never do again.

Danny, 10, Arizona

If you could write a message and leave it on a distant planet, what would you say?

Space is the most coolest place ever and I hope the kids after us get to explore it!

Davy, 10, Texas


I have come in peace. I am the first person to walk on the Moon, 1969 to be exact. Thank you and goodbye, Moon!

Valerie, 10, Indiana


This is awesome!

Jewel, 11, Alabama


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