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Minerals, Crystals and Gems : Stepping Stones into Inquiry
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Jeff Post, Harold Banks and Laura McKie: National Museum of Natural History.

All photographs and illustrations courtesy of the National Museum of Natural History, and are copyright Smithsonian Institution. For all questions about reuse of these images, please contact the Smithsonian Office of Education. You can also view a list of the images that appear in this Website.

Educational Standards
Minerals, Crystals, and Gems: Stepping Stones to Inquiry meets the following Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL) educational standards.
Science Standard 2
Understands basic Earth processes

Science Standard 10
Understands basic concepts about the structure and properties of matter.

Science Standard 15
Understands the nature of scientific inquiry.

Science Standard 10
Understands the relationships among science, technology, society, and the individual.

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