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Minerals, Crystals and Gems : Stepping Stones into Inquiry
Lesson 3

Mineral Scavenger Hunt Chart

Note: Print this page for class distribution.

Look for these minerals and mineral products at home, in school, at a pharmacy, or in a hardware store.

Mineral or
Mineral Product
Uses Object Location
aluminum aluminum foil, cosmetics, beverage cans, deodorant, hand lotion, antacids, cooking pots  
beryllium fluorescent lamps  
chromium chrome fixtures (cars, bicycles, lamps, kitchens, etc.), stainless steel  
copper wires, pipes, cooking pots, old gutters and roofs, brass, pennies  
toothpaste, drinking water  
gold dentistry, jewelry, computers, electronics  
gypsum wallboard, plaster  
halite (salt) table salt, food preservatives, de-icers  
iron cosmetics, hair dye, steel, wrought iron  
lead car batteries, computers, fuel tanks, TV tubes, leaded glass, x-ray shields, fishing sinkers  
mica sheetrock, paints, hair dye, cosmetics, soap, electronics  
molybdenum fertilizer, filament supports in light bulbs, steel  
nickel nickel coins, stainless steel, alnico magnets, sheetrock  
perlite gardening  
phosphate fertilizer, dishwashing detergent,laundry detergent  
potassium (potash) fertilizer, toothpaste  
silica computer chips, glass, cosmetics, antacids, paint, laundry detergent, drain cleaner, quartz watches  
silver photography developer, jewelry, electronics, silverware, dentistry  
sulfur fertilizers, matches, car tires  
talc baby powder, cosmetics, antacids, sheetrock, primer  
titanium cosmetics, hand lotion, soap, toothpaste, hair dye, bug spray, primer, paint  
tungsten filament in light bulbs, drill bits (tool steel)  
zinc sunblock, fertilizer, cosmetics, dandruff shampoo, pennies, galvanized metal, brass, dry-cell batteries  
zirconium deodorant, jewelry  

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