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“Twenty-first-century skills,” as they are usually defined, include not only such things as “digital proficiency” and “multimedia literacy,” but also the students’ awareness of today’s global connections. With podcasting, students can begin to make those connections on their own. A report or essay handed in to the teacher has an audience of one—the teacher. A report or essay adapted as a podcast can reach listeners around the world.

When Jamestown launched its podcast on the Washington monuments, one student expressed the thoughts of all: “I hope someone will listen to it.” Meanwhile in Scotland, another elementary school was experimenting with podcasts. The Scottish students came upon the Jamestown production. The two schools are now podcasting partners, and have discussed a possible joint project to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of the English settlement of Virginia.

“The goal is to excite students about writing,” said Jamestown media director Camilla Gagliolo. The potential for reaching an audience so far away “raises the bar for the quality of writing.” All of Jamestown’s more than five hundred students get a chance to publish on the podcasts, which now receive as many as four hundred visits a day.

Podcasting in the Classroom

Global Reach

A student from Jamestown Elementary in Arlington, Virginia, records "live notes" that will be edited to become part of the podcast episode.

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