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The Nation Expanding

Staffordshire Platter

Related Documents:
1. An Ode to the New City, 1810
2. Observations of Pittsburgh, 1833
3. The City in 1856
4. Charles Dickens on a Steamboat Between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati


Bank Note, Maine

Related Documents:
1. Excerpt from a Short Story by a Young Worker
2. Description of Factory Life
3. Newspaper Account of a Strike
4. A Worker's Memory of the Strike

Indian Peace Medal

Related Documents:
1. Protocol for Presentation of Peace Medals
2. Importance of the Medals
3. Presentation of a Medal
4. Depreciation of the Medals
5. Address to Condemned Dakota Warriors


Mexican War Lithograph

Related Documents:
1. A Comparison of Mexico and the U.S.
2. Walt Whitman on Manifest Destiny
3. Mexican Broadside
4. Henry David Thoreau's Protest
5. Ulysses S. Grant's Reflections on the War



Related Documents:
1. First Official Report of the Discovery of Gold
2. Lines from "Sweet Betsy from Pike"
3. "California Gold Grease"
4. Miner's Diary Entry
5. Lines from "Lousy Miner"


Bank Notes, New York and Virginia

Related Documents:
1. Lines from a Pro-Slavery Poem
2. Lines from "Go Down, Moses"
3. A Virginian's Defense of Slavery
4. Frederick Douglass in My Bondage and My Freedom
5. John C. Calhoun in his Last Senate Speech


The Nation Expanding

This section focuses on objects from the period 18101860. All of the objects are from Smithsonian or Smithsonian affiliate museums.


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