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The Nation Expanding

Fiestaware, circa 1930s–40s


During the Great Depression, the Morrison family of Pennsylvania saved up to buy this set of Fiestaware piece by piece. Introduced by the Homer Laughlin China Company in 1936, Fiestaware appealed to many Depression-era consumers with its bright colors, modern design, and affordable price tag. Fiesta came in five colors—orange-red, deep blue, cucumber green, egg yellow, and ivory—that consumers were encouraged to mix and match. It was sold in department stores, often on installment or layaway plans; in the 1930s, a 109-piece set of Fiestaware was advertised for $13.95, with payments of $1 down and 50 cents a week. In recent years, vintage Fiesta pieces have become popular collectors' items.


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Ceramics & Glass Collection
SI Neg. # 2000-4625
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morrison in Memory of Charles and Bessie K. Morrison, 1999

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